Busy Bees at Derby Heatherton

African Land Snails

Date - 07/13/2018

We have recently recruited some African Land Snails. Our Pre School Council took a vote on what they all agreed would be our snails names. Please meet, Boost, Skittles and CoCo. They were given to us by a Nursery not far away who ended up with 50+ of these little snails.

They can grow to the size of their tank so eventually, in ours, they will grow to the size of a clenched fist. The eat lovely fruit and vegetables like cucumber and lettuce. The children have been taking great care of them and making sure they have wet, moist soil and lots to eat and drink.

They are used to hot and dry climates so we need to make sure we get the balance of dry with a little bit of moist just right.

These snails, if handled correctly, can live for years and years and years so hopefully, they will watch so many families come in and out of our Nurseries and ignite imagination in our children.