Busy Bees Ashford Eureka Park


Date - 09/03/2018

My name is Kristie Peach and I am very excited about coming to work in the Pre-school room. I have a BA Hons Primary Education degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. I have taught year 2, year 1 and reception classes and am now looking forward to moving into Pre-school. My experience, especially teaching reception has shown me exactly where the children need to be ready to start school. I intend to bring this experience and some exciting new ideas into Pre-school to ensure that every child leaves Busy Bees Kennington prepared and ready for their next venture in school. I plan make an exciting and stimulating learning environment for the children so that they learn through their own play and interests. I can not wait to get to know the children individually so I will then be able to plan and help them learn in ways that meet their own learning styles and needs. My eldest daughter will have just graduated from Pre-school so I also know how it feels as a parent. I will be available to support you as a family to ensure the good development of your child/children in any way possible, whether it be emotional support or support continuing learning at home.