Busy Bees at Colton Mill

Pre-school school preparation activities

Date - 07/13/2018

Our pre-schooler's have been very busy mastering the important skills they need ready to head off to big school very soon. First we had our fortnight of physical, PE themed activities, followed by a fortnight of fun, including book bag day, signing t-shirt's, and practicing tying our shoe laces. During this time some of the children have been lucky enough for their soon to be school teacher visiting them here at nursery, where they have introduced them to their friends, showed them around our class rooms, and had a little play. Today the children have loved taking part in show and tell activities, with children bringing in everything from their favourite bear (which is almost as big as some of our children), a bike, their favourite toy, and book. I'm sure they are all ready for a restful weekend before more fun to come next week, including our celebratory graduation event.