Busy Bees in Huntingdon

Sports Day

Date - 07/18/2018

On Wednesday 18th July 2018 at 3pm here at Busy Bees Huntingdon we opened our doors for all nursery children and their parents to come and take part in our amazing nursery sports day. 

The event began with our youngest child opening the event with a balloon release. Next a child from each room brought out their rooms own designed flag, so we could all see who was participating in the nursery sports day challenges. 

The sunshine was very kind to us and with an extra dose of suncream and keeping the water jugs full for all to help themselves  everyone had big smiles on their faces watching the children / each other partake in the fun activities. 

A highlight for all came for the Chameleons (Preschool) garden where our parents egg and spoon race was underway. Through a very reliable source I was told the race had to be run numerous times as we had some very competitive dads with a suspicion surrounding them about cheating. The Chameleons children were very shocked but also found it very funny that they then had to help the nursery staff stop the culprits from misbehaving further. Finally a winner prevailed and a trophy was awarded to them so well done to Ana-Lucia`s Daddy. And due to all the antics of the event Chrissie awarded a separate award to the parent who was seen to cheat the most - this was given and received with great laughter to Lenni`s Dad. 

All the children and staff had a fantastic day, and a huge well done to all of the children and parents that came and took part in our fun sporty day.The event was closed by our eldest child within the nursery but not before Dawn stepped in to hand out medals to all the children from doing so well. Thank you to Dawn for stepping in for our absent Practitioner of the Year Isabel, but I think we can let her off as Isabel was very busy as she and her partner have finally been joined by their brand new gorgeous little boy! Congratulations Isabel from all staff and children and Busy Bees Huntingdon! 

Again thank you all who helped and attended we cant wait to see you at our next event!