Busy Bees in Harlow

School readiness week!

Date - 07/16/2018

What a week we have had getting ready for school with all our exciting activities to prepare our children. 

We had lots of fun and the children were all very excited to be sharing these experiences with us!

Monday 16th July

We had a a mini assembly and practising lining up as a class, we entered with music and discucssed a topic of school.

Tuesday 17th July

Show and tell - The children brought in a something they wanted to share and stood up in front of their peers to discuss these objects.

Wednesday 18th July

School uniform day! We all dressed up in our school uniforms and practied getting changed too! 

Thursday 19th July

PE session - We took part in a PE session where the children did hurdles, running games, throwing and catching and bike skills. We also encouraged the children to dress and undress trhemselves with their PE kits.

Friday 20th July

The big finale - Andy Clockwise joined us for our goodbye party!