Busy Bees in Huntingdon

Chameleons Leavers Event

Date - 07/20/2018

Its that time for year again when we have to say a sad but happy goodbye and good luck to the Class of 2018.

On Friday 20th July preschool staff, school leaver's and their parents all join together to celebrate the children's time with us here at Busy Bees and their big move to big school. Whether they have been here all the way through to Chameleons since a baby in the Caterpillar room or whether they have joined us at any other time in our other fantastic rooms its always still hard to say goodbye. 

The 'I want to bee' evening started with the class photograph being taken as well each child having an individual photo taken of themselves in their cap and cape. This year our lovely photos were taken by our amazing photographer from Horizons Nursery Photography.

The event then continued with the parents and the children joining together in the Chameleons garden where lots of amazing certificates were awarded to the children.

These special certificates included:

Homework Certificate & Book (for brilliant work throughout their time in Chameleons) awarded to - Cara, Jersey, Caitlin & Jacob

All children received sweets from their class mascots for looking after them so well, and the mascots Marvin, Gerald & Oscar gave out special certificates & a book to the children that had taken them on `Best Adventure`. These were awarded to: From Marvin - William C, From Oscar - Cara, From Gerard - Jacob. 

The Chameleons Committee members received a certificate & book - Harrison, Gabriel, James, Dylan, Emma and Grace. 

And finally the Stars of the weeks were announced the winners this week were - Josh C, Lenni and Sebastian.

 We also had some amazing luck and the yearbooks arrived the morning of the event so Laura (Chameleons senior) proudly was able to had out the yearbooks to her class of 2018. (A huge well done to Laura who sorted photos and did all editing of the yearbook, it turned out amazing and we know the children and parents will treasure them always)

It was then the tear jerking moment for all as the children received their scrolls and announced to their parents what they want to be when they grow up. Once all children have done this they all join together with the Chameleons staff to launch balloons in celebration of the event.

After all the fun its then time for all to get stuck into the yummy buffet provided by the nursery.

As always everyone had an amazing time despite the freak rain in between all the glorious sunshine we have been having. We had lots of praise and thanks from all parents and we also would like to thank them for all the support and kindness they have given us over the years whilst we have looked after their children.

Finally we just want to send a big thanks to the Chameleons staff, Laura, Isabel, & Julie as well as Chrissie and a few other staff for their help in organizing this event without them it would not be possible.