Busy Bees at Edinburgh Park

Cave Baby

Date - 07/27/2018

The children in both the preschool room and toddlers have been reading the book Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson. The story is about a baby who wants to play but his mum and dad are always busy so he sets about amusing himself. Unfortunately the things he does do not amuse his parents and so they say that the mammoth will come and throw him to the big brown bear. Cave baby encounters the mammoth but instead of what he was expecting they share a fun experience together instead. The children decided that they wanted to make a cave area for them to act out parts of the story. When asked what they would need for this they said they needed fire, sticks and twigs so a groups of toddlers and preschool went out for a walk to find sticks, twigs and rocks. When they had got what they needed they brought them back to nursery and a fire was made using them and crepe paper in the tuft tray. Of course not a real one just a creation that represented one and the tent moved about to create the cave man area. A drum was put inside the tent and the children all sat and began drumming it and the floor with excitement of the new place to play. Go toddlers and Preschool.