Tunbridge Wells Nursery

Sports Day 2018!

Date - 07/27/2018

We've been busy this afternoon with our Sports Day, were everyone was able to get involved ranging from our under 2's room who held their own mini sports day, all the way up to our pre-school who took over the main garden!


Under 2's

Our Under 2's room put on a little obstacle course for the children to take part in, they even got the walkers out so the ones who can't walk are able to take part in going around the room with everyone else. They've also undertaking throwing and catching between the children and parents/staff!



They got very creative with their resources in 2-3's! They used a tyre on the table along with kitchen utenziles to try and pick up objects within this. They had races inside where they had to move like different animals, such as crabs or monkeys! They then come outside into the large garden to join in some of pre-schools races



Our pre-school saw not just races being undertaken by our children, but also they're parents! We saw and obstacle course out first for the children each to have a turn on, then it turned into more team events with things such as sibling races, egg and spoon, a shot put, and then also a parent relay.


Everyone really enjoyed their afternoon taking part in a range of different activities no matter what age they were