Busy Bees at Sunderland, Doxford

We are using ParentZone!

Date - 08/01/2018

We are pleased to announce that a new online Learning Journal service (I-Connects) has arrived at Sunderland Doxford, in conjunction with ParentZone.

This new electronic observation and assessment system allow's your child's Key Person to digitally capture observations, photos or videos of your child and make an assessment in line with the Early Years Outcomes and Characteristics of Effective Learning; all at the tip of their fingers.

Your child will have their own online Learning Journal on the ParentZone app, which will allow you to access at any time throughout the day via your computer or any device with an internet or data connection. Which is designed to bring you as a parent, closer to your child's development in nursery.

Whilst connected to ParentZone you will be able to receive daily information on how your child is at nursery; meals, sleeps and nappies. Also have your account information displayed and able to make payments.

Everyone at Sunderland Doxford is looking forward to using and embracing this new system.

If you would like further information, then please do not hesitate to contact us.