Busy Bees at Edinburgh Park

Preschool Graduation

Date - 07/31/2018

The past couple of days the nursery has been a hive of busy activity as we prepare for the Preschool graduation. Gowns ready - Check,  Programme printed - check, seating sorted - check, cake made - check. One last practice and all is ready for the afternoon. At around 1.30pm parents begin to arrive, children busy themselves getting ready and then its time to start.  In march the preschoolers to the courtyard and line up ready to begin their show of The Children's Traffic Club something they have been learning about since the end of last year. Once they are all lined up they begin singing the songs they have chosen to demonstrate what they have learnt through the Traffic Club. They sing about holding hands when crossing the road and looking and listening. There were lots of photos being taken as the children performed. When all the singing was finished then the children told us what they would like to be when they grow up before going off to get their gowns on for the certificate presentation. Proudly the children march out one by one to get their certificate from Sharlene our manager and line up for one last time for a photo. Afterwards there was an opportunity for family and group photos outside in the garden. Once this was done everyone enjoyed a light refreshment and of course the important thing of all cake which this year was made by our very own chef Stuart White. It was a lovely looking cake enjoyed by all. Parents mingled and children played all enjoying each others company before going off into the big wide world of School. We want to wish all our Graduates the very best for whatever the future hold for them and are sure you will all do well.