Busy Bees at Edinburgh Park

Carol turn's 60

Date - 08/09/2018

Today is a special day for our administrator Carol McMahon., it is her 60th birthday and we are privileged to get to celebrate it with her. As Carol arrives to work this morning there is a nice banner that has been put out in front of the office letting all who walk pass know of this important day. Many parents stop by throughout the day to give Carol their best  wishes. There were balloons all over her desk some with 60 on and a bunch of confetti. What a nice way to start her birthday at work. Later in the day the children all gathered in the courtyard and presented Carol with flowers, cards and a present. Then Stuart came out as we started singing Happy Birthday with a lovely cake he had made for the occasion. Its days like this that make me appreciate the team of wonderful staff we have here at Edinburgh park that take the time to make a day special for one of the team. Happy Birthday Carol.