Busy Bees in Daybrook

Pre-School Master Chef!

Date - 08/16/2018

Pre-School took part in an exciting cake baking activity today. The children used their fine motor skills to pick up the tools and begin to mix; measure and scoop the ingredients into the bowl. 

The children described the items if they were heavy or light, what colours they were and used their understanding of numbers in play to count the spoons as they placed them into the bowl. This activity also supported the children with beginning to learn about the process of baking and the science behind the baking experiment. 

At Busy Bees we have our own enhancements which support children with various areas of development. These are provide activity support for child with their development supporting their stage of development. 

These enhancements are:

- Cook with me: supporting your child with learning to cook at an early age. This develops their understanding of the process of cooking and learning about healthy foods. 

- Problem Solving to Mathematics- Supporting your child with their early mathematical development. 

- Babble to Chatter- Encouraging children and babies to gradually develop and extend their communication and language.