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The Nursery Blog- Family Fun in Preschool

Date - 08/17/2018

Family fun  in Preschool

In Preschool, the children got creative and made their own family boxes ! The parents brought in pictures of the family so the children could use them for the activity. Each child had a chance to use some scissors and carefully cut around their pictures one by one. Once this was finished, the children began sticking their pictures around the boxes until they were covered.

The second part of the activity involved making a family board. Each child got to choose a piece of paper. At the top of a paper was a word- also chosen by the children. The words related to families, holidays and different transports. After speaking about the words, they then attempted to write the word by themselves on the same piece of paper. Whilst doing this, the staff ensured they was supporting the children and making sure they knew how to hold the pen correctly. After this, they drew a picture of the word, using different colour pens and also using their imagination.  These pictures will be put on the family board, along with pictures of the children’s families.


How does this activity support the EYFS?

This activity supports the EYFS in many ways.  From this activity, children are learning various things which are strengthening areas of their development. The children first started with cutting out their pictures for the family boxes. They had to learn how to hold the scissors correctly which supports their gross motor skills. Another thing supporting their gross motor skills is when they are writing the words on the paper, as they have to concentrate on how to hold the pen correctly. During this activity, the children participated in numerous discussions about their families and where they have been on holiday. These discussions have massively supported not only their Communication and Language, but also their Personal, Social, Emotional Development. They are speaking to each other, which is encouraging them to form relationships with each other and build their confidence.