Busy Bees Talent Exchange Programme (TEP) 2018

Date - 11/15/2018

Busy Bees have recently launched our 2018 Talent Exchange Programme (TEP) at our National Support Centre in Staffordshire. 

On 29 October, 16 childcare practitioners came together from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Canada, where we operate 214 settings. They were welcomed by members of Busy Bees’ senior management team Simon Irons, Group CEO, Cheryl Creaser, UK Chief Executive Officer, Fay Gibbin, CEO of the BB Training Academy, and Clare Phizacklea, Chief Talent Officer, as well as staff and children at our nursery on Shaftsbury Drive, Burntwood.

The event launched day one of its three week TEP, now in its third year, which provides its early years educators with the unique opportunity to share best practice and experience first-hand the fantastic care their colleagues provide. The programme also supports the childcare providers mission to give every child in Busy Bees, wherever they are in the world, the best start in life. 

Over the next three weeks, the international guests will visit Busy Bees nurseries across the UK and will immerse themselves in the day-to-day running of each, gathering information to complete a study project to influence best practice within the company. 

Simon Irons, Group CEO, explains why he believes the TEP is such a valuable exercise: “We felt it was important that all of Busy Bees’ senior management team were here today to welcome our international colleagues from our childcare settings across the world. 

“As we’ve grown and expanded into new countries, it has given us the opportunity to explore similarities and differences in practice from across the world. 

“We have an exceptionally high calibre of practitioners within Busy Bees, and it’s important to highlight how competitive it is to actually be selected for this programme in the first place. It’s great to see everyone come together today and feel the excitement and energy from the entire team. I look forward to seeing their progress throughout their time here and beyond.”