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Location: Sunderland Cleadon
16th October 2017

1st Aid

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First Aid 

We had Britt Goddard from our Busy Bees training academy pay a visit to our pre-school children. 

Britt carried out a 1st aid session to the children teaching them how to recognise an emergency and showing them the importance of shouting for help and calling 999. 

Britt also taught the children basic 1st aid using the flat Stan manikin to carry out CPR, the children also practised the recover position on each other and were shown how to bandage up a bleed.

The session was highly engaging for the children and the children loved being apart of a important topic, they continued to practise their skills after the session in their play as well as demonstrating on their families at home. 

we would like to say well done to our pre-school children Busy Bees Cleadon are very proud of their achievement and we know who to shout for in an emergency.