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Location: Leicester - Meridian
30th June 2018

3-5's Graduation Celebration

3-5's Graduation Celebration Photo-1
3-5's Graduation Celebration Photo-2
3-5's Graduation Celebration Photo-3
3-5's Graduation Celebration Photo-4
3-5's Graduation Celebration Photo-5
3-5's Graduation Celebration Photo-6

Look at all the fun we had celebrating our foundation class children's graduation.

On Saturday 30th June the foundation class educators and senior staff team at Busy Bees Leicester Meridian planned  surprise  activities for the children and their parents who attended the annual 2018 graduation celebration to participate in.

Each key person with their key children and their parents moved round and enjoyed 4 amazing activities during the morning. 

  • Graduation celebration - where each key person talked about their key child and presented them with a lovely certificate and graduation card with a photo inside.
  • Children & Parent photo booth - where they could dress up and have fun, staff caught the pictures on camera - fun was had by all including the staff with their key children.
  • T-shirt designing - each child decorated a white t-shirt and then all their friends who are also going off to school were able to draw a picture and put their name on to it, creating a memory top for each child.
  • Party room - this is where the children and their guests could relax with a drink, listen to some music, have a dance and a chat. The children made their own fruit cocktails with fresh strawberries in their own plastic flute glass. They wore flower garlands while the parents could have a cool glass of buck's fizz or some sangria.

This was an amazing morning, where staff could chat with all of our families, take photo's and share special memories of the very unique and special journey these children have been on during their nursery years. All of our school leavers are so ready and confident at starting school, this has been down to coming to nursery and being looked after passionate and dedicated early years staff.

Enjoy the special photographs.