Location: Guiseley
7th October 2016

3,2,1...BLAST OFF!

3,2,1...BLAST OFF! Photo-1
3,2,1...BLAST OFF! Photo-2
3,2,1...BLAST OFF! Photo-3
3,2,1...BLAST OFF! Photo-4

To celebrate Space week, the children have been taking part in a variety of themed activities!

Daffodils children went to 'Mars' in their onsie space suits, and created their own planets.

Tulips went into outer space in their home-made rocket, made from collage materials and junk modelling.

Crocuses made name rocket pictures, and cut out their own stars to create paint star printing pictures.

Poppies released balloons with tags on them into 'space', and are hoping that some 'aliens' will find them and let us know how far they got.

Preschool listened to a special story read by Leanne called 'Whatever Next' about having a picnic in space. The children were able to put on the colander 'space helmet' and climb into the cardboard box 'rocket' and really get involved in the story!