Location: Colchester - Severalls
12th October 2016

A New Pre School Helper

A New Pre School Helper Photo-1
A New Pre School Helper Photo-2
A New Pre School Helper Photo-3

Today Anne Pugh begun some voluntary work with us in our Starburst Room. Every Wednesday Anne will be coming in at 10am-11am to take part in some planned activities for the children.

Anne had 2 minor heart attacks and a spinal bleed 2 years ago leaving her paralysed and in a wheelchair. The children were very eager to know why Anne was in a wheelchair and asked some wonderful questions. We feel that this opportunity really helps the children to meet people like Anne and find out all about the world around them and that we are all individual and unique.

Anne really wanted to volunteer and spend time with the children. She is also a nurse and so has so much to offer the children.