Location: Edinburgh Park
15th August 2017

A man named Bob on the moon.

One day in the Toddler room they were having a discussion about why we do things such as brush our teeth, put on sunscreen etc. One of the children in the group began telling the teachers all about the planets and naming them. This caused a stir among the rest of the children that suddenly the conversation was about space, rockets and spacemen. Since the children had shown such an interest in this a staff member brought one of her books in called " Man on the Moon" about a man named Bob. The children really enjoyed the story so more books about space and spacemen were put out for the children to explore and read. In one of them all the planets were shown and so the children began talking about these. To support this interest the staff provide the children with opportunities to make the planets, sun and moon extending their knowledge and interest. Once these were completed they were put up in the toddler quiet room in correct order from the ceiling with the sun and moon on the wall. The children are able to revisit the things they have learnt daily by playing in this room, looking at the posters and of course the art work they created. I had the opportunity to be in the room yesterday with a group of toddlers and they were pointing to the planets showing me the posters and naming the planets. What a wonderful experience provided.