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Location: Market Harborough
23rd January 2018

A special doctors visit.

A special doctors visit. Photo-1
A special doctors visit. Photo-2
A special doctors visit. Photo-3
A special doctors visit. Photo-4
A special doctors visit. Photo-5

During our busy enrolment week here at Busy Bees in Market Harborough, Take Care Tuesday took an exciting turn. We had a special visit from one of the parents who is a doctor, she spoke to the 2-3's about all the interesting things that she does. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about what different bones they all have, they listened to each others heart with a stethoscope, they used an otoscope to look into their ears and mouths, and found it fun to find and feel each other's pulse. The children wanted to carry on this experience and for the rest of the day became doctors, practising their skills on each other. 

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