Location: Guiseley
17th July 2017

A special visit for nursery!

A special visit for nursery! Photo-1
A special visit for nursery! Photo-2

A group of children were walking back to nursery after visiting the local nursing home and walked through the retail park passed Pets at Home. Sat outside were some guide dogs and their trainers that captured the children's eye.

The children were naturally inquisitive about them and due to their interest, Raine our assistant Manager organised for the Guide dogs to come to nursery.

The lady brought 2 beautiful dogs called Rover and Saber. The children were told told all about blind people and the what the Dogs are for. The children were able to wear some special glasses to make it seem like they couldn't see to give them an idea of what it would be like to be without sight.

The children were able to hold onto the dogs leads and walk them around the room.

The children were really well behaved and really calm throughout the session.