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Location: Welwyn Garden City
21st August 2018

A trip to France!

A trip to France! Photo-1
A trip to France! Photo-2
A trip to France! Photo-3
A trip to France! Photo-4
A trip to France! Photo-5
A trip to France! Photo-6

Today at Welwyn Garden City our Goslings were transported to France and enjoyed a French themed day. The children and staff dressed in stripes and the colours of the French flag, enjoyed painting beautiful pictures using red white and blue and visited a French café which was set up in the home corner.  And for the main attraction they even got to visit the Eiffel Tower and have their photo taken by it. Not only did our children in Goslings get to experience this but children from around the nursery also had chance to visit after they had made their passports.

A fun day had by all!

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