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Location: Enfield
22nd January 2018

All About Me!

Hand prints and numbers

Today was the first of many fantastic days of fun activities for all to take part in.  The children had an amazing day of activities 'All About Me'.

Babies had fun with photographs of family, looking at them and were very excited to see Mummy or Daddy, they have also been bathing dolls and dressing them, drawing around themselves and using the paints to create colourful hand prints.  They have been able to share and play and learn new words, it has been great fun.

Toddlers have had lots of fun, bathing the dolls using a variety of different items, including paint brushes!  We were able to share our likes and interests and enjoy the role play activities which have been around cooking, the children were able to put on chefs whites and hat, learn what foods they liked, pretended to make lunch or cups of tea, it was really a lot of fun.

Preschool have created some lovely works of art, they discussed their families, pets and favourite things then, demonstrated their artistic flare by drawing their families, pets and favourite things.  We were able to find out lots of things about each other and shared some lovely memories and ideas.

If you would like to take part in any of our fantastic activities or just want to have a look around the nursery and see all of the wonderful learning environments the children have access to and meet the team, please contact Michelle on 02083606610, we look forward to seeing you soon.