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Location: Edinburgh Park
3rd November 2017

All Hallows Eve

Halloween is an event that is celebrated each year at the nursery with a Halloween Party for the children and their families. The children spent the week before making decorations of pumpkins, ghosts and spiders for their rooms. The rooms were a buzz with all the activities and as the day came closer excitement began to rise. On Halloween the children and staff came dressed in some really cool outfits and the courtyard was decorated with skeletons, pictures of haunted houses, pumpkins and vampires. Streamers were dangled from the centre of the courtyard to make it look creepy. Stuart the chef prepared some yummy food such as meringue eyeballs and ghosts, pumpkin oranges, graveyard cake and a witches brew to drink. The children also got involved with the food by making spooky biscuits which went down a treat. At 4 pm the fun began with dunking for apples, ghosty shaving foam and dancing to music. The courtyard was a hive of activity as all the children got involved in the activities and parents took the opportunity to chat to one another.Parents had the opportunity to display their talents by bringing in a pumpkin they had carved for our competition. I must say there were many wonderful carvings. It was a hard decision to decide who the winner would be but a decision was made and the WINNER was the Busy Bee Pumpkin. Well done Fraser and family. The afternoon was a great success and was finished off with some spooky stories to quieten things down before everyone went home. Hope to see you all again next year.