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Location: Bexleyheath
22nd January 2018

All about me

All about me Photo-1
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For the start of our enrolment week for potential parents and children to come and have a look around. we focused today on all about me.

In our older rooms the children used mirrors to look at them selves and then drew self portraits of what they see in the mirror. The children done some lovely pictures, they spoke about why they thought they were different from another child they were sat next to, and why they thought they were different. All the pictures were so lovely they pre-school decided to collabrate them into a book called our Portraits of all the children in their class.

In our younger rooms the children were shown pictures of their family memebers and people that are special to them. The children were able to recognise their family and starting pointing and smiling when they were shown them, some of the children were even able to say who they see in the pictures. The children then drew them using colouring pencils and crayons.