Location: Preston - Lytham
26th April 2017

April News

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We have had a very exciting month, filled with fun packed days and lots of new activities. We have celebrated mothers day, we have held our Easter open evening, we have started our french classes for the term, it has been charlene's birthday and we now have 3 baby's on the way in nursery.

Firstly we held our Easter open evening on Wednesday 12th April, this was a big success, everyone that came had a great time, we had Easter crafts, making easter baskets and pictures. We had games such as, Bingo and last man standing, to win prizes and hampers. These games helped us raise money for our charity, which is Meningitis now, we raised an amazing £101.60. We had some greats stalls on throughout the night, we had Lytham candy carts making delicious candy floss, Forever living and Puddle ducks.Please keep your eyes peeled for our next event to support this great charity. 

This term we have introduced extra curricular French classes to Class 2 and 3, we had taster sessions a couple of weeks ago and from the childrens enthusiasm decided to participate. Classes started last week, it is not compulsory but if you do want your child to take part please speak to Sam or Danielle.

We celebrated Mothers day here in nursery, we did lots of crafts for our mummies to take home, cards in each room and we did a mothers day tea, with sandwiches and cakes.

We have decided to keep our stay and play sessions, and have them on going every Wednesday afternoon at 2.15-3.15. Please tell your friends and families with children - the more the merrier!

It is coming round to that time of year where we prepare to say goodbye to the children who will be leaving to start school in September. Last week we had Graduation photo's done and Danielle and Francis will be continuing to prepare the children for their transition to school. We will be incorporating activities into their daily activities and encouraging them to be independent throughout everyday activities. We will be asking the children to talk about their new schools and what it will be like and the things they may do there to best prepare them for a seamless transition.

Danielle and Francis are organising the leaving Party dates at the minute, Leavers Trip and are giving out graduation photo's, if you have any questions, need to pay or have not yet heard about these, please ask.

We would like to congratulate Liz, Francis and Charlene on their pregnancies, we wish them all the best. If any of these members of staff are your child's key worker then when they go onto maternity leave you will be informed of their new key worker.

We will be changing our dentist area in class 3 again, from a dentist to a launderette - We aim to keep our children's imaginations as active as we can, and encourage them to role play and adapt the areas to their interests. If you have any props, packaging, manuals or things we may be able to use in our new area, we would appreciate very much.

Lastly, we wish Charlene a very very happy birthday !!

Coming up over the next month, we will continue to hold our stay and play sessions every Wednesday 2.15-3.15, we will continue our French classes every Thursday Morning. We have parents evenings on the 9 th May for the Baby room, 10 th May for Class 2, 11 th May for Class 3, 430 - 6 pm Please see your child's key worker to book appointments.

We have a calendar board as you walk into nursery, we will also be putting any updates on there.