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Location: Thetford
18th June 2018

Around the World Enrolment Week Food Tasting

Around the World Enrolment Week Food Tasting

What an explosion of food flavours we have had at Thetford Busy Bees!

Children had great fun exploring foods from around the world.

Sweetpeas babies sampled fruit salad of pineapple, passion fruit, raspberries & melon from the African continent, exploring the textures of the fruit before it was prepared.

Buttercups children's taste buds were tantilised with Asian delights of Thai crackers, spring rolls & pancakes. 

Daffodils children enjoyed tasting food from South America & Central Mexico with mexican beans, empanadas, & tortillas. 

Pre School Children were sampling european food french stick & camembert cheese, scoones, german salami, greek feta.