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Location: Chichester
7th October 2017

Augusta Court Parnership, September fun

The friendship between our Foundation Class children and their Elderly friends of Augusta Court is blossoming. At the beginning of September a small group of the children's elderly friends and their carers joined them at the nursery for story sack fun. Laura the foundation led used the prompts out of the story sack to tell the story of Handa Surprise. The children joined in with the fun using the puppets to help Laura tell the story Bear Hunt Story. After the story's everyone joined in with singing and doing the actions to the Jungle Boogie song.

Laura arranged for Sue, Bob and their carer to meet her and a group of children to go on a trip to the local park. They all walked to the park together holding each others hands. Laura said she does not know who had the most fun, the children or their elderly friends. Sue and Bob pushed the  children on the swings and Bob even got the children to push him on the swing, Sue held Rudy hand so he could  balance on the climbing frame. It was great watching them all having a great time together.