Location: Ashford (Trinity Rd)
8th November 2016

Autumn Fun!

Autumn Fun! Photo-1
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The weather is turning colder and the leaves are falling from the trees, this can only mean one thing... Autumn is coming.

The children at nursery have had a very exciting couple of weeks, going on little outings to pick up the fallen leaves and other natural items, taking part in a variety of craft activities and learning about the different seasons.

At Halloween, the babies painted their own pumpkin and used their senses to explore the pumpkins in the sand. The whole nursery made a very good effort with their dressing up, we had lots of pumpkins, witches and black cats! The Dolphin's made a 'witches cauldron' by turning their water green and mixing in all kinds of different objects, making up their own spells!

For bonfire night, the children in Penguin's used spray bottles to create fireworks on large black pieces of paper. In Dolphin's, the children helped to create a bonfire and sat around in it the cosy area 'roasting' marshmallows and singing songs. The children also learnt about fire safety and how we can stay safe over firework weekend.

We hope everyone had a very colourful bonfire weekend and we look forward to hearing the children tell us all about it in the coming days...