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Location: Nottingham - Daybrook
16th October 2017

Autumn Nature Trails.

Autumn Nature Trails. Photo-1
Autumn Nature Trails. Photo-2
Autumn Nature Trails. Photo-3
Autumn Nature Trails. Photo-4
Autumn Nature Trails. Photo-5

Today the children have brought in various objects which they have found on the way to nursery or at the weekends. These include conkers and leaves. 

During circle time the children and staff spoke about where these objects come from and about season changes. The children then developed their understanding of seasons; weather changes and months. This is a great way to create exciting opportunities for your child to learn about how the world works. This activity is full supported by our health and safety policies and procedures and at Busy Bees we ensure the highest standard of health and safety is managed throughout the nursery during every part of the children's nursery life.