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Location: Leeds - Colton Mill
12th October 2017

Autumn Time!!

Autumn Time!! Photo-1
Autumn Time!! Photo-2
Autumn Time!! Photo-3
Autumn Time!! Photo-4
Autumn Time!! Photo-5

As Autumn is now upon us and we have observed the changes the new season has brought, including all the leaves turning brown and falling from the trees, we have enjoyed exploring the fallen objects and using them to creative beautiful seasonal creations. Today the children in Beech room, went on a hunt around the garden to collect a range of fallen leaves, before bringing them back inside to print with. 

Oak room have spent much time, talking about their home lives and sharing information about their families and experiences they have enjoyed. To enhance on this they have been sharing photos from home, which have been used to create a cosy area where they can share them in small albums. They have also creating portraits of their families, using different coloured pencils.