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Location: Guiseley
25th September 2017

Autumn experiences.

Autumn experiences.

Having had a blast exploring with the spray bottles and different coloured paints during enrolment week, the Crocus children set too again but this time using Autumnal colours.

Michelle encourage the children to look out of the window at the trees. The children commented on the colours that they could see and they were also asked what they could see on the floor of the playground.

The tables were then covered and the children were provided paints in spray bottles to correspond with the colours they had seen outside on the trees and the ones that had fallen. 

Colours of red, orange, brown and green were sprayed on to the paper, delighting those children with a strong trajectory schema in particular. There were squeals of laughter as the paint left bright dots all over the paper. Many children had spotty arms and faces by the end of the activity and some giggled as they looked in the mirror at their dotty faces!

The children used dish mops to swipe across the dots, pretending they were the wind blowing fallen leaves and making swooshing sounds as they went along.

This activity links to Understanding of the World, Communication and Language and Physical Development of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

"Red, Green, Yellow and that's brown" said Aran.

"Look!" said Jack.

"Woosh, I wind" said Alfie.