Location: Long Eaton
26th October 2016

Autumn fun

The children have been investigating in the garden and noticed that the leaves have been falling from the trees onto the ground. We have been collecting the leaves and using them for lots of different activities. 

We have created some crazy collages using the leaves and sticks exploring the different textures, colours and sounds they made. We have been counting how many leaves we collected and sorting them into groups. 

We also added water to our leaves and placed them into the freezer to create dinosaur food for our dinosaur swamp. The children had a great time investigating the leaves and ice with the magnify glasses while making big dinosaur stomps. 

The Pre-school children have also been listening to autumn poems and songs this is one of our favourites we hope you like it to. 


Five little leaves on the tree next door, one fell off and then there was four,

Four little leave all over the tree, a bird pulled one off and then there was three.

Three little leave where the wind blew, one fell off and then there was two. 

Two little leave sitting in the sun, a bug ate a leaf and now theres is one,

One little leaf in the tree all alone, the wind blew and blew and now there are none!