Location: Reigate
25th October 2016

Babble to Chatter Launch

On monday 31st we will be launching our exciting new Busy Bees enhancement.

Babble to Chatter is a learning enhancement developed by the Busy Bees Childcare Team and endorsed by Elizabeth Jarman, Childhood Communication Expert. The programme is used to continue to champion speech an language for children 5 years an under. Babble to Chatter will increase communication and language outcomes for children. Through planned activities and environmental enhancements practitioners will support children's learning.

  • Babble to Chatter develops effective communication skills which are the foundation upon which all other leaning rests. 
  • Babble to Chatter links theory to practice; the how and the why behind developmental language.
  • Babble to Chatter focuses on the core building block of language development, includes attention and listening, play an interaction, understanding language, expressive language and speech.
  • Practical activities that can be in everyday nursery life.