Location: Bury St.Ed - West Suffolk NHS
3rd February 2017

Babble to Chatter

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Here at Busy Bees Bury St Edmunds, our Pre-School Children have enjoyed a Babble to Chatter Activity.  The children were encouraged to build something using a variety of construction materials and describe what they had made and what materials they used.  See the children comments below:

Owen (aged 3) "Mines a house.  It's blue, orange, red, yellow and green.  I live in my house."

Oliver (aged 4) "I made a Rocket Pad. I used the Multi-Link."

Edmund (aged 3) "I've made a cooker.  It's for cooking food.  It's very hot."

Myla (aged 3) "A Birthday Cake. Five Candles."

Adam (aged 3) "Big Tower for my Mummy, Kyle and Daddy."

Callum (aged 3) "My House"

Emilia (aged 3) "This is my house and this is Callum's house."

"Babble to Chatter" is an exciting Learning Enhancement to support children's development of language.  It is an enhancement used across all ages of the children we care for and provides fun activities for the children to complete with their Key Person to promote language and help children to become confident in all aspects of language and communication.  If you wish to receive some more information about "Babble to Chatter" or are interested in how you can support your child at home, pop into the nursery office and we can give you a 'Parent's Guide to Babble to Chatter' giving you some great ideas to try at home with your little one. Alternatively, why not take a look on the Busy Bees website for information on this and all of our other exciting Learning Enhancements that we offer to the children we care for.