Location: Ilford
3rd July 2017

Babies Day Out!

Babies Day Out! Photo-1
Babies Day Out! Photo-2
Babies Day Out! Photo-3
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Babies Day Out! Photo-5
Babies Day Out! Photo-6

On Monday 3rd July, a few of our 1-2 year olds had an outing to the local park.

The children were so excited when we got them ready and put them in their buggy for our little trip.

While we were there, the children got the opportunity to explore the physical play equipment, challenging themselves and building confidence in their own abilities. We took a packed lunch with us and had a picnic in the park for our lunch. At the end of our trip we collected flowers and petals to bring back to nursery with us, the girls then made some beautiful colourful pictures to share with their Mummy's and Daddy's.

The girls were so excited about our little adventure, kicking their legs in the buggies all the way there, pointing out birds and buses on our travels, babbling and chatting,  and wearing themselves out! They slept in the buggies all the way back to nursery!