Location: Harlow
16th February 2017

Babies bear hunt!

Babies bear hunt! Photo-1
Babies bear hunt! Photo-2
Babies bear hunt! Photo-3
Babies bear hunt! Photo-4

Babies at Harlow nursery have loved reading one of their favourite stories today! The reason we love this story is because of the repetitive words and phases that encourage our children to copy and say new words in their play. 

The story was very interactive and was planned for a child who's interests are reading and messy play. So this story was a perfect choice to make a life like sensory trail!

From long  wavey grass being paper play, to thick oozy mud which we used brown gloop for! The children got to experience going on their own bear hunt and got very messy too!


"Wow, a bear",   "Oh no!" ~ Michael  1 Year 7 Months 

"Bababa"  ~ James 1 Year 1 Month 

"Uh no!" ~ Bobby Dean 11 Months 

"Look!" ~ Ashton-Lee 1 Year 3 Months