Location: Chorley - Brooke Street
2nd May 2017

Baby Group to begin at Brooke Street

We are soon to be holding a Baby Group here at Chorley Brooke Street and we are inviting all the babies and parents of the surrounding area to come and access our Outstanding facilities and join in with some of the well planned and engaging activities that we at Chorley Brooke Street have to offer to support your babies learning an development.

The Group is also a support network for like minded parents and carers getting to meet new people and share thoughts and experiences with. 

The Groups first session begins on Friday the 19th of May and will be coordinated by experienced and long standing members of our staff who work with children from 3 to 12 months of age and lasts for an hour from 10 until 11.

If you like what you see why not book to look around? If you attend a session and wish to book a place with us you can receive 25% off your child's fees for a month.

For further information please contact Holly or Cara on 01257 265500.