Location: Altrincham
17th October 2016

Bake with me week

We were very busy this week making different cooking creations that tasted great even though some of them may not have looked great.On Monday we made butterfly cakes.On Tuesday we made shortbread.On Wednesday we made Pizza. On Thursday we made bread,and on Friday we made our own sandwiches with the bread we made on Thursday, with choice of our own fillings.We enjoyed our range of experiences and learnt about different taste, textures, smells, and feel of different foods.We also discussed which we liked and disliked.and talked about the healthy living plate and what foods are good for us that we should eat lots of, and what foods are not so good for us we should eat little of.We also used different techniques in cooking like sieving flour and kneading dough to make bread We gained a lot of knowledge and experiences and our parents got to try our creations.