Location: Meredale Nursery (Rainham, Gillingham)
10th July 2017

Ball Week...

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Baby room started off by filling their trays with paint and small hand held balls.  The children were able to roll the balls in the paint and then onto their paper to create their pictures.  Some children preferred to hit the ball on the paper to create different shapes to those who were rolling them. 

They went onto explore different textured balls where the staff asked them questions regarding the colour and feel.  The younger ones were trying to copy to words that they heard throughout the conversations: ‘Yellow’ said B.O and LL repeated ‘Ball’.

They continued with the theme to have a game of football in the gardens.  The children were joining in kicking, throwing, catching and rolling the footballs around.  Some of the children recognised the footballs and knew exactly what to do!

To conclude the week baby room was provided with a ball pit where the children had great fun in jumping in and out as well as rolling around inside the pit with all the colourful balls.

Toddler room enjoyed lots of different throwing and catching games today where the children were able to choose between standing, sitting and running round all while trying to play catch between them.  Toddlers were very vocal in calling their friends names to get their attention as they wanted to be thrown the balls!

They also created their very own ball pictures using a range of different materials to stick into a collage to make their ball.  The children’s favourite part of this activity was spreading the glue all over their paper using individual spreaders ready for their materials.

Toddlers also enjoyed a game of football in the nursery gardens where they enjoyed taking it in turns to try and get the ball into the goal.

Preschool room had a visit from Avenue Tennis to give them their very own lessons in Tennis.  The coaches were extremely enthusiastic in getting the children involved in games such as ‘Valleys & Volcanoes’.  The children used the ‘Hitting Hands’ technique they were taught to pass the balls to their friends. 

The children also enjoyed a game of football with a professional goal keeper, in the nursery gardens where they were split into teams, they were taught to dribble the ball while passing to friends all the while heading to the goal to shoot and score.  JO says ‘I like playing football and I’m really good at getting goal!’

Pre-schooler’s also got the chance to play a game of rugby with a professional coach Trevor Jefferies as well as lots of throwing and catching games working on their Physical Development as well as their Team Game skills.