Location: Harlow
9th August 2017

Beach day!

Beach day! Photo-1
Beach day! Photo-2
Beach day! Photo-3
Beach day! Photo-4
Beach day! Photo-5
Beach day! Photo-6

Today at nursery we all enjoyed our very own beach day!

We rain wasn't going to stop us, we all dressed up summery and enjoyed lots of beach activities inside.

The children explore our beach tuff spots and role played with these.

We made our very own beachy creations with coloured sand.

The babies tried out lots of summery fruits in their food tasting activity.

We have been very busy with lots of beach themed activities, and the children all loved getting creative and trying new things.

But the best part of the day was eating yummy fish fingers and chips, with our very own ice cream cone too!!


"When we thought about summer and the beach, we all thought about the different fruits we enjoy in the hot weather. We wanted the children to be able to explore these fruits through our sensory food tasting. They enjoyed exploring the feel of the fruits, as well as the tastes and textures. It was nice to see them enjoying different fruits ~ Chloe Barnett - QEYE in babies