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Location: Nottingham - Daybrook
23rd February 2018

Bead Letter Making.

Bead Letter Making. Photo-1
Bead Letter Making. Photo-2
Bead Letter Making. Photo-3
Bead Letter Making. Photo-4

In pre-school have been using a variety of beads and paper plates to create their letter of their names. They used their fine motor skills to grasp the glue spreader and outline their name onto the plate. 

The children then picked the beads of their own choice and placed these to create a shape of the letter they are creating. This activity supports the children with learning the alphabet and sounding out these letters to support them with learning to read and write later on in school. 

In Pre-School we use a different letter each week as a theme. The staff create exciting and stimulating activities to encourage the children to engage in these activities. We also have language and literacy cards which are used in our pre-school room to support the children with these areas of development. We also have a shake and write enhancement which supports the children with beginning to learn to shape and write their letters.  

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