Location: Meopham
18th August 2017

Berties Hero's

Last year, shortly after his second birthday, Bertie was diagnosed with Batten disease; this is a devastating neurological degenerative illness.

From the age of three Bertie will be left completely dependant, unable to play, feed himself, sit independently or communicate. His sight will gradually deteriorate until he is blind.

Sleep is also a major issue as Bertie currently only sleeps for a couple of hours a night, and it is possible that he may not sleep at all in the future. Bertie is also loosing the ability to swallow, has numerous epileptic seizures and needs 24 hour care. There is no cure to this awful disease, meaning Bertie will very sadly die in childhood. 

The Nursery dressed us superheros and held a MASSIVE bake sale in aid of Bertie and his family, and we are very pleased to say that we raised £530.00