Location: Brough
3rd November 2016

Big Cook Day

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Big Cook Day

Thursday 3rd November

Throughout the day the children have been taking part in cooking activities with our nursery Chefs. The chefs have talked to the children and shown them some skills they use as chefs.

The morning session consisted of the Chefs taking a whole salmon into the room, they spoke about the fish anatomy and talked about the different bones that they could see. The children watched The chef gut and fillet the fish and also passed around the fish eye. The children were enthralled in this and loved learning about the process in what was going to happen next. 

The afternoon session consisted of the the chefs bringing the children all the different ingredients and explaining what they wanted them to do with them. The children took it in turns to mould their mash potato, herbs and filleted fish together and make their own fish cakes.  They also took it in turns to mix the beans in to the tomato sauce to make their own baked beans. The chefs then took the ingredients back to the kitchen to cook and brought it back out for the children to eat for their tea. 

The children have learnt many new things from this session and thoroughly enjoyed taking part before enjoying their homemade fish cakes and beans for the tea.