Location: Gravesend
27th July 2016

Blue Room 2 Have Been Busy Re-doing Thier Areas!

Small World Area

The children have been drawing different animals to display in their small world area, they have been learning about the homes that different animals live in and have and been making animal noises and singing songs to accompany the children's learning and development. The key-workers have also been talking to the children about what they have seen at the farm so the children can express their voices.

Construction Area

The children have been making patterns with bricks and paint to display in the construction area. They spoke about the colours they were using and how you mix colours to get new ones. They also spoke about the shapes they were using and the types of building's they can see when they are out with their mummy's and daddy's. The children also brought in pictures of their houses too!

Personal, Social, Emotional

Feelings & Expressions (Home Corner)

The children have been busy making hanging mobiles with their families hanging on them, and drawn pictures of faces to express their feelings. Blue room have also added signs to their displays using Makaton and different languages to promote EAL. The children have been learning a new song called "how do you feel today?" which they enjoy.


Blue room have been busy singing counting songs and learning about shapes and sizes. They have been using coloured beads to sort into the right colours and learning about what sinks and what floats in the water tray. 

Book Area

Dinosaur Book! - The children have helped create a cave using pictures they have drawn and made a tree with things collected in the garden, they used their hands to make hand-prints and used them for leaves on their tree! The children have also been busy singing "Theres a dinosaur!" which they love and have displayed the song and words in the cave too. The children participated in making fossils and dinosaur footprints from salt dough too!

Understanding The World

The children have been learning lots about their outside world and caring for living things. They have been talking about what plants need to survive and even planted some flowers, fruit and vegetables.

Blue room 2's garden is in full bloom with strawberries, carrots, spring onions, lettuce, radish's, potatoes, runner beans, and tomatoes! Blue 2 have enjoyed eating them too! YUM YUM! 

Well done Blue Room 2!