Location: Welwyn Garden City
23rd January 2017

Bringing Stories To Life....

Bringing Stories To Life....

This week we have welcomed a lot of new prospective parents to come around and see the activities that are on offer to the children throughout the day.

The children had a variety of activities on offer for them based around the themes of bringing stories to life including a teddy bears tales, where the children were able to bring in their own teddies and have a teddies bear picnic.

We also provided the children a range of story props and they were able to make their very own story and act it out to their friends, they also enjoyed engaging in story books and talking about who their favourite book characters as well as drawing and designing their own book characters.

The baby room enjoyed a story of “Were Going On A Bear Hunt” and exploring the room to find the characters and used sensory materials to gain the experience of the different encounters during the book.

We had a fun filled week of Bringing Stories To Life, if you would like to attend our other events