Location: Meredale Nursery (Rainham, Gillingham)
16th January 2017

Bringing Stories to Life!!

Bringing Stories to Life!! Photo-1
Bringing Stories to Life!! Photo-2
Bringing Stories to Life!! Photo-3
Bringing Stories to Life!! Photo-4
Bringing Stories to Life!! Photo-5
Bringing Stories to Life!! Photo-6

Each of our rooms have based each days activities around the theme for this week of 'Bringing Stories to Life'.

Today, we went on a bear hunt!  Fantastically explored in very different ways in each of our rooms!

Our Baby room read the story to their young ones with excited voices and fascinating sounds capturing their interests the whole way through!  They then went on to glueing and sticking animals collages.

Toddler room went all out and acted out the book, searching high and low in their room for the bear!!  The children went, not over, not under but through the grass, mud and river until they found the cave and discovered the big brown bear, then ran all the way home!! (Laughing and giggly all the way).

Pre-school room created 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' scenes using colourful paper, glittery 'Snow' and carefully cutting the shapes they needed to complete each stage of the book.  Meanwhile on the other side of the room the children were captured within the story being read out by one of our staff members.

Lots of smiles on the children's faces today and lots more activities planned throughout the week!

Why not Book a visit and come along with your child and join in!!! Or Call Michelle on 01634 362221.