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Location: Ipswich - Rushmere
25th May 2018

British Sandwich Week

British Sandwich Week Photo-1
British Sandwich Week Photo-2

The children in Pre-School have had a very exciting week learning all about sandwiches and where bread comes from.

Our Head Chef Thomas has been making different breads and rolls all week with the children, who have then been selling them to parents to put in their packed lunch boxes.

The children have had to do a lot of problem solving this week. They have had to think of different fillings, how to wrap and transport the sandwiches and how much to sell them for.

The children's sandwiches and breads have ranged from classic white loaves to chocolate chip rolls, which of course, were by far the most popular with the children.

To end the week every child in the whole nursery made their own sandwich for a picnic tea in the sunshine.