Location: Lewisham
15th March 2017

British Science Week

British Science Week Photo-1
British Science Week Photo-2
British Science Week Photo-3

To celebrate British Science Week we have been busy in all ages, engaging in science, technology and math events!

The children in preschool enjoyed colouring roses with food colouring on Monday. We learnt how to risk assess to be safe while using sharp scissors. This relates to the Physical Development of Moving and Handling and we were also practising our turn taking skills.

Children in preschool learned new vocabulary such as pollen, nectar and hives whilst talking about bumbles bees and why we have to give the flowers sugary water. This links to the Early Years Foundation Stage area of Communication and Language.

Children developed skills in The World aspect of the Understanding the World area of learning by observing living things and learning how to care for them. We talked about why things happen too!

Babies explored melting ice in the water tray!

Tuesday children enjoyed mixing colours using paints in our baby room and using skittles in Preschool! We were very tempted to eat them but instead we spoke about colours changing,which links to Expressive Arts and Design.

Wednesday was messy slime day and the children explored the texture of corn flour in different activities.

Thursday children in Preschool learnt about the weather and where rain comes from! We used water, cotton wool and a pretend sun to teach the children about the rain cycle!

Friday we enjoyed watering our growing area and making observations on how are bulbs and seeds have grown. This supported Literacy, by ascribing meaning to marks and also Physical by making marks!