Location: Guiseley
17th March 2017

British Science Week

British Science Week Photo-1
British Science Week Photo-2
British Science Week Photo-3

To celebrate British Science Week this week all the rooms have been carrying out a range of experiments!

Babies have been exploring different textures, and mixing these together for some messy results!

Daffodils explored mixing bicarbonate of soda with vinegar, and coke with mentos and had lots of fun watching the explosions!

Tulips have been looking at colours this week, and did an experiment with Skittles and warm water to create a stunning colour wheel!

Crocuses have been getting muddy doing some planting and talking about how plants grow, all ready for spring!

Poppies children took part in a floating and sinking activity, choosing objects from around the room to see if they floated or sank in water.

Sunflowers got creative this week, putting celery in different coloured paints to see the sticks change colour!